Monday, August 29, 2011

after the storm

We survived Irene and even kept our power. I did manage to finish another headband and cut ribbons to do more. Now I need a chunk of time where I can sit down and do nothing but craft! I have some shows coming up and I'd like to have some more stock made to sell.
I managed to get my helper interested in crafting and she'll be making some stuff to sell, along with a couple of things we have for her to sell - bracelets and beads. We're keeping our eyes out for other goodies she can make to sell too. I'm always on the lookout for stuff I can make to sell - just need the money for supplies and a space to store everything! lol
So far I don't have a busy fall/ holiday show season planned, but I'm hoping to add shows as the time gets closer. I have to be a little more choosy on shows due to the financial aspects. Last year was to get my name out, now I'm looking for more sales.
I'm planning to look into a spot in a craft mall and consignment stores. Just have to get some stock built up and the time to actually go and talk to the people in charge.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope to have pictures soon of more stuff I do and stuff my helper makes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Starting the season

This is usually my busy time with shows, but I'm going to be taking it a bit easy this year. I'm going to look into some consignment stores and picking my shows carefully. With a move planned, I'll also be spending alot of time selling stuff online. Looking to get a night job as well. That will cut into my crafting time, but it's just something I have to do right now. My newest venture (see pic above) doesn't actually take me too long to do. I just have to slow down and make sure I keep the ribbons tight or I end up undoing all the work - which isn't too bad unless I'm almost done! I plan to spend more time making these headbands so I have some stock for upcoming shows. I do have some other things I'm making and selling, plus stuff my oldest little will be doing. We have a huge show coming up and I'm hoping we do well. At least to make it worth getting up and driving there. I'll be spending the day with 2 of my favorite vendors, so that's always a plus!
Going to go work on headbands while it's quiet - at least until a cat comes to attack the ribbons!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August- impossible!

Here it is August and I don't have my calendar filled for fall. I'm seriously slacking! I think I was underwhelmed at the spring shows and I'm looking to be a little more selective on the fall shows. Make sure they have a decent following before I sign on.
I put in my Uppercase order for new catalogs, Blume catalogs (new line of jewelry), and a few other things that I hope help me get more orders. I'll wait to order a bunch more animals and some outfits. Also did an order for some girly stuff to sell at shows. They go well with the towel ad diaper cakes. Been working more on the headbands. Managed to do a thinner one last nght at football. Didn't take me long at all. Just can't work too far ahead without clipping or I get confused. We all know it doesn't take much to confuse me! lol I'll expand that line once I get organized here with listing clothes and stuff for sale. I have to get busy with that since school starts soon and I'll have 4 doing school plus the little guy trying to do some school stuff like the older ones. Add in football, driving another to/from work, cleaning, crafting and I may not have time to sleep! Still figuring out adding in a night job. Looking to catch up on all my click to earns and surveys, then maybe add in something like a researching job since I spend hours on here daily now. Might as well make money from all the time I'm on here!
I'm looking to expand my line of what I sell. I did buy some stuff to sell that will be here next week. That means I *have* to book some shows! I also found a couple of things I'd like to make. My only issue is space and little man getting into my stuff. If I could figure out where to store my stuff safely, maybe then I could make up a bunch of stuff beforehand to sell. Like the cute candy bouquets and cakes I saw in a magazine. A few other things caught my eye, but the money issue is stopping me from making those right now. Maybe if I can get better at blogging I could get more followers and actually make a couple of bucks doing this. *grin* Not big bucks, but it could help me sell what I make too. Not sure I can make my blog pretty though. I'm not a real computer person.
Just got handed another basket to sort. Real life intrudes!

Friday, June 17, 2011

the weekend

I actually made it to Friday! Tomorrow the development is having a yard sale, wasn't going to put anything out, but now I'm thinking I just might! I can have my tables like for my shows (with all my business stuff, flyers, etc.) and a table with some kids clothes. Just quarter on the kids clothes, and I'll only put them out. I don't have much luck with yard sales - even when I have stuff at a quarter, someone wants them cheaper. Sorry, can't buy unstained clothes for under .25 anywhere!
Sunday I signed up for a vendor event. It's a little further than I'd like, but it's a playground fundraiser. That should mean lots of parents. Which, I hope, means I'll have some sales. Now I just have to get busy with my hair clips and headbands. There's still more I'd like to make, but we have no room to store it, little man would destroy anything in his way, and there's always that money issue. Just can't justify spending money on supplies right now.
I'm still listing on webstore, right now it's my clothes and some of my oldest's stuff. Hoping to get a bit more organized tonight, sort more littles stuff, and maybe start trying on all my stuff. I know I'll have more I can get rid of and whittle down the mountains of clothes in front of the tv in here.
Maybe after the yard sale here I can walk around and put flyers in doors and hand out the salon flyers. We'll have to see about the weather though. It seems to like to rain when I want to do something lately.
All right, better start on the littles pink persons clothes and then start on some of the hair clips.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Keeping Busy!

Found an event for Saturday. It's a doggie adoption event, and as long as we have good weather, we should get a good turnout. Hoping to be able to make a couple of puppy cakes for this - puppy wee pads, treats, toys, ribbons. Think they'd do well. I'll also do some diaper and towel cakes to show and have a sign that I do custom orders. Plus my animals, Uppercase, Greeting cakes. I think I'll do a couple more journal jars and some s'mores jars. Maybe a couple of seasoning mixes, too. I may have some pet treat in a jar recipes I can do. Hmmm. Going to have to look into that one. Not sure I have enough time to do some bath bombs and bath bomb cupcakes. I'd like to do a couple of pet beds, but will need to get fabric and a couple other things first. Lost my thought on what else wanted to do! lol Yep, if I don't do a list, I totally lose what I wanted to do!
Jim's been busy on the weekends, and needs my truck. I'm just doing some last minute bookings for shows since I don't know when he'll need to use my truck and when I can get to a show. No problem since I don't make much right now at the shows. I can use the time to list on webstore and make some stuff for upcoming shows. I know one of the good ones is coming up in August, plus I got info on some car shows where I'd like to set up. Just have to keep football in mind when I book shows! It's not only the games, we have other events like feeding them before games, making sandwiches for them for game days and other things we do for the boys. I'm going to try to do all I can since it'll be his last year (*sniff, sniff...SOB*). I think after the holidays, instead of booking like mad for spring, I'll take time to do some consignment and online sales. The spring shows just haven't been profitable for me (or most people I've been talking to). Plus I'll be in the final countdown for moving, so I'll be doing the last bits of decluttering and packing things and all that goes with a distance move.
I'm trying to keep up on my facebook page (ShelszooSuperstores), and have 150 fans so far. Will have to look into doing a give away soon! Maybe a Greeting Cake for this one. Don't have many things from UL I could use since I've been doing quite a few events that want donations of what I sell. The last raffle blitz rally wiped out my supply of expressions. Hoping to add to them this month with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal. Add a couple of display items and get stuff I can use for the raffle blitzes.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy weekend

Yes, another busy weekend! lol Tomorrow I have a show in Allentown to help raise funds for the Light the Night Leukemia/Lymphoma charity. Pack up and head to the Freedom Football golf tournament. Hoping for sunny skies for once!! I get to come home and crash after that, then Sunday it's a car show to raise funds for the local youth programs in Wind Gap. A bit of a drive, but hoping for a good turn out. I've done well at outdoor car shows (the one I did where we were indoors was a bust due to the home show that weekend as competition). I'll be sorting bags and organizing stuff since I may need to take all the kids Sunday, unless the oldest has off.
Looking for a grant to help build my business, but I can't seem to find any for the "cottage" industry. Would be nice to be able to make up more crafts to sell and possibly get into a consignment shop or two. Any ideas??
Sorry, this one is going to be short. I have to go work on my pile of work supplies!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I haven't posted since March?? Jeez! I better work on my to do lists a bit better! Maybe start doing up weekly lists with daily goals listed. I honestly just don't have enough hours in the day to get my stuff done - and I have to add a night shift job to all this! Well, only if we plan to continue to eat and have electricity. No biggie! lol
Been working on expanding what I do. Not only do I do 3 direct sales, I've added towel and diaper cakes and some other crafts to the mix. Helps that I can do craft only shows now. Would love to get into some consignment shops, but I just don't have the money to spend on the stuff I need to make everything to put in the shops! It's a no win situation right now. Maybe if I can actually get some sales I can use some of that to make extra goodies to sell. Guess we'll see the next couple of weeks.
The weather this week is going to be rainy - again! So I guess I can work on organizing my work stuff. Too many reusable shopping bags being used ( and they're ripping). Would love to get some 31 bags, but again, need sales first! Talk about the never ending circle!! I can also work on lining up more shows, and reworking some stuff. Going to start listing on (my store is shelszoo there). Got some school books, kids clothes, my clothes, and some other stuff that really has to find new homes. The extra money will come in handy - gas prices don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
If you care to check out my goodies, I'm Shelszoo Superstores on facebook! Now I have to get busy folding clothes and doing some things from my to do list! lol

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy days

First picture is a peek at the 12 different expressions you can get with any $50 order until the 15th. There are many different ways to use them, these just show a few of the ways some of the demonstrators used them.
Second is a picture of an embellishment UL does for breast cancer. Just message me if you want more info on this one!

My favorite embellishment is the Dandelion dance. You can get it to look like a "shadow" on your wall or do it in a contrasting color. Any way you choose, you'll get lots of compliments over your choice!

Last is just showing how the dandelion dance can transform your space.
You still have time to earn an extra free expression! You can message me on here or email me and let me know! Or just go to my website, register and order. Put it under the open house in my name (says ends 2/28, but it's still open). and you can browse our catalogs and think up ways to transform your space!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I promise to get better at this! lol I did something to my main google page and I had a heck of a time finding how to post another one today.
Things are getting busy for me! I have a show Saturday (last minute add) for a Relay for Life fundraiser. I'll call tomorrow about a show Sunday. Then the next weekend I know I have Saturday booked, not sure on Sunday. I do know the last weekend I'm booked both days. Hubby is going to build me a display piece so I can hang some of my stuff to free up some table space. Since I'm doing indoor shows for at least 2 months, they can attach to the table. I'll deal with outdoor displays later!
I built up my Noah's Ark supplies. There were a couple of girls who were moving on and I bought stock from them. Now I have a bunch of animals that I can sell at my shows. I also have some shirts, outfits and Bella Bee items. I'd like to get some Bella Beads for Lexi to show (she's taking over there! lol). I signed up for bamboopink and Lexi wanted to do the beads, so I'm already signed on (part of Noah's Ark), and they don't let kids join, we'll just keep it in my name for now. *grin*
I'm hoping to print out some more labels so I can do up my new mini catty's for UL and get them out. Leave them all over, walk a couple of the neighborhoods and leave them on the mailboxes (under the flag) or at the doors. Just need my hip to feel better. Did a bit too much walking yesterday and my hip is letting me know it wasn't a smart move.
There are a few craft only shows coming up, so you know I'll be busy making stock for them! Should actually start this week with the bath stuff. Just need to figure out where i can store it all. I completely filled my business closet, have stuff in the hall closet and stuff over by the sofa. *sigh* Going to have to completely empty the business closet and get it all organized! That's a full days work right there.
I do have a fan page over on facebook, if people want to see what all is going on. I have all my events listed and some pics of different UL orders. Still having the FREE expression with every $50 order, up to 3 free per order (this is on top of the regular free goodies you get for ordering!). Find me at Shelszoo Superstores!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting busy!

Yeah!! This weekend will be a busy time for me. Hubby will be out with oldest ds, and I have to get some stuff together for the show next weekend. I figure I can spend a few hours making spice mixes plus a few gifts in a jar (Valentine's s'mores for sure!), then break for food, get the kids watching a movie, then tackle bath bombs. I have everything but witch hazel I think. I'll also be making bath bomb cupcakes - they look so cute! I'll be doing some errands tomorrow for dh, so I can hit the craft store for cupcake boxes, the pretzel mold for chocolate, and maybe another mold or 2 for the bath bombs. Since I'm not sure how many people will show up Saturday, I don't want to over do the Valentine theme. I can overdo the bath goodies since I have another show coming up the 26th - a fundraiser. Since it's at a wrestling tournament, I expect a great turnout! It's at one of the middle schools for a school known for producing state champs, so I'm hoping to do well there.
Once ds goes to lifting I'll be able to use the house computer. I have some printing to do for the shows (get my applications and checks in!), plus labels for catalogs, spice mixes and tags I'll need. I just hope the ink lasts me! We should have a spare black, so I know I'll be able to do the labels and apps at least. Not sure how much color is left, so I'll have to be careful with my tags and toppers. Looking to do a couple of journal jars again. I only have 2 or 3 left and it's a nice gift idea. Only problem is they *really* suck up the ink! My newest things to make will be treasure jars, bath bombs (and bath bomb cupcakes) and pet treats. I'll do the pet treats next week so they're fresh, and I don't have to worry about breakage.
I'll be sitting down to figure out my plan of attack. See what I need to make my goodies, check my inventory, see what I need to order, what labels I need to make, and get my displays ready for the shows to start up again. I'll also need to figure out what I need to print - labels, flyers, tags, toppers. Wonder if hubby will have any time to make me something for my displays? Hmmm. We were talking about a pegboard to attach to the table so I can hang some stuff, plus I'd like a solid surface to put stuff on, like the photo print and chalk wall pieces. Except my photo print I have may be too big to use. *sigh* Guess I'll have to look into ordering one of ds from football.
I better go so I can start on some house stuff (sorting clothes - yeah me! lol), then I can start my plan of attack. This *will* be a good year for me!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


And it's snowing like mad outside! My dear sweet hubby was asking earlier why some towns called a snow emergency. Tried to tell him the bulk of the storm was coming tonight, but what do I know? Yep, he can't get out of the parking lot! lol
I got an order in for citric acid and cheese powder!! Woohoo!! Means I can do up my bath salts/ bath bombs this weekend. The cheese powder is for potato soup in a jar. I have a show coming up right before Valentine's, and I'm hoping to have some gift in a jar's done, treasure jars (for kids), journal jars, plus a bunch of bath stuff and pet treats made up. Trying to figure out the timeline since I can't do the pet treats too early. I'll also be doing some chocolate pretzel rods, chocolate covered pretzels, and possibly chocolate pops.
Things are starting slow this year. Then again, I didn't start last yeat until late. Not sure when things really get going with shows. Only 1 for February right now. Maybe 2 for March. I'll be doing an email campaign for Noah's Ark new lines, and I'll be passing out the new Uppercase Living mini's once I get them. I have to do a new Vista Print order. Hmmm... Maybe tomorrow. I know I need a bunch of stuff. Probably do 2 orders and take advantage of their free items. Just have to figure out what all I'll get, for which business, and what I'll get for the Shelszoo Superstores part. I'd love to do a website for that, but I have no clue how! lol Which could explain why my blog is so bland. One day!!
One big piece of news is Uppercase Living sign up for $55 until Thursday 1/27 to celebrate their 5th anniversary! $141.60 in product plus a $25 product credit all for $55!! That's a $44 savings, and a great way to start off the new year! There's quite a few ways to promote this product - and I'll be working on stepping it up once I get new tires and can drive safely in this wacky weather. *grin*
I'm hoping to add more pics on here this week. The new Noah's Ark lines and when they're available, new Uppercase Living mini catalog, Greeting Cakes for the different holidays plus stuff I'm making.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Is not going to be my favorite month. Looks like my entire household (minus me, knock on wood), has the dreaded stomach bug. *sigh* So my dear hubby tells me to stay in the bedroom while everyone is puking. Oh yeah.
As you can tell from the time stamp, it's after 4 am here. Can't sleep when I can hear my girls crying because they're sick. Tomorrow is going to be one *long* day!
I'll walk to the dollar store for my papers - need some fresh air. Looks like I'll be in charge of the animals too. Letting out the dogs and feeding them all.
Maybe I can sneak up some of my paperwork and get that done? I'll have to see when I get home from getting my papers. Depends how sick everyone is then, I guess.
Still looking for a place to have an event. Monday I can make some calls. I'll recheck what the hotels sent me. Not thinking they'll be favorable with pricing though. Still working on filling my calendar. I do have a bunch of promising shows I'm waiting on applications for. Now to hope I can get more stuff made up to sell. If I can't get more animals and such, that's ok, I can cards and flyers and such to hand out to get people to order online. Depending on the event, I may do up flyers to refund shipping on certain orders. We'll see.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


A new year has begun and I don't think I'm ready! lol I did spend some time finding some shows to do this year, and I'm trying to find a space to host my own show next month. I was going to try for this month - so we could get orders for Valentine's, but that's not going to happen. I'll start looking through all my supplies, see what I need to order, get all the applications printed and mailed with payments (Yikes! Need some money for that!!), and get another Vista Print order made for some new cards and such. I'd also like to work on some business letters for Uppercase Living and Noah's Ark. Maybe get more information on the Time4Food Supply - it's where you can order food for camping or emergency supplies. I'd like to get a letter made to send out to emergency service places like the Red Cross.
We have a great new sale with Uppercase Living! Buy 2, get 1 FREE - anything in our catalog! Including Photo prints, and accessories! I'm hoping for some money so I can order some new displays and supplies (goodies to give when someone books a show or gives me an order). With a bunch of shows coming up, I know I get more people interested when I have some goodies on hand to either sell or hand out. With UL, it'll be flyers, brochures, my goodie bags with card, instructions, candy and sample word. With Noah's Ark, I'll need to get some animals and the $5 gift cards. Would be nice to have some outfits to show (or sell!), but that depends on the finances. I'd like to get some of the Bella Beads also, but not sure if we can swing that. I do have one, but would like to be able to show the different kinds we carry. Guess I better sell a bunch at these shows so I can do some ordering! I'll make up some gifts in a jar closer to show dates, including the rubs and drink mixes. I'm also looking for the stuff to make the treasure jars (jar filled with sand with trinkets hidden with a list of riddles or whats' inside). I know I need to print more journal jars, and do more of my printing for the popcorn and tea bags. I have some templates and need to see what I can make myself or get my oldest to help me. I'll be printing the Greeting Cake labels so people can see all the holiday options we have (as of now) and what all we carry as our brochure doesn't show the boxes and mugs. I should look into upgrading my printer. Maybe go back to a laser printer since the cartridges are cheaper and no smudging.
Well, I'm going to stop so I can get ready for school to start tomorrow and start my phone calls about spaces to rent and shows to apply for.