Monday, August 29, 2011

after the storm

We survived Irene and even kept our power. I did manage to finish another headband and cut ribbons to do more. Now I need a chunk of time where I can sit down and do nothing but craft! I have some shows coming up and I'd like to have some more stock made to sell.
I managed to get my helper interested in crafting and she'll be making some stuff to sell, along with a couple of things we have for her to sell - bracelets and beads. We're keeping our eyes out for other goodies she can make to sell too. I'm always on the lookout for stuff I can make to sell - just need the money for supplies and a space to store everything! lol
So far I don't have a busy fall/ holiday show season planned, but I'm hoping to add shows as the time gets closer. I have to be a little more choosy on shows due to the financial aspects. Last year was to get my name out, now I'm looking for more sales.
I'm planning to look into a spot in a craft mall and consignment stores. Just have to get some stock built up and the time to actually go and talk to the people in charge.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope to have pictures soon of more stuff I do and stuff my helper makes!

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