Sunday, January 9, 2011


Is not going to be my favorite month. Looks like my entire household (minus me, knock on wood), has the dreaded stomach bug. *sigh* So my dear hubby tells me to stay in the bedroom while everyone is puking. Oh yeah.
As you can tell from the time stamp, it's after 4 am here. Can't sleep when I can hear my girls crying because they're sick. Tomorrow is going to be one *long* day!
I'll walk to the dollar store for my papers - need some fresh air. Looks like I'll be in charge of the animals too. Letting out the dogs and feeding them all.
Maybe I can sneak up some of my paperwork and get that done? I'll have to see when I get home from getting my papers. Depends how sick everyone is then, I guess.
Still looking for a place to have an event. Monday I can make some calls. I'll recheck what the hotels sent me. Not thinking they'll be favorable with pricing though. Still working on filling my calendar. I do have a bunch of promising shows I'm waiting on applications for. Now to hope I can get more stuff made up to sell. If I can't get more animals and such, that's ok, I can cards and flyers and such to hand out to get people to order online. Depending on the event, I may do up flyers to refund shipping on certain orders. We'll see.

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