Sunday, November 21, 2010


This has been a super crazy busy month! Lots going on with the end of football, school, and shows. I finally have a break - unless I find something for this coming weekend! lol I'll be using this time to get some stuff together for a weekend show - both days - at a local Y. First day there's going to be a swim meet there, so I'd like to have a bunch of goodies to sell!
This past week I had a show Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday. Saturday was my best day with decent sales and lots of interest. Hoping I can do well at my next show! I figure I can make up a bunch of different gifts in a jar, dips in a bag, Jiffy labels, "heritage" jars, "inspiration" jars, cocoa bags, tea bags, popcorn wrappers, candy wrappers, cocoa cones, and some baked goods.
Looking for a better printer. I'll have to call one of my kids school (late phone meeting! Yikes!!) since it looks like her printer isn't working now. *sigh* I think we have another one with issues too. I really need one I can rely on and that doesn't suck up ink like mad!!
I'm looking to do shows beyond the Christmas holidays. I'll showcase my businesses, but I'd also like to have some crafts to have on hand for cash and carry items. For UL, I have ornaments with our sample words on (they seem to do well), but what about for Valentine's day and Easter? Hmmm. I'll have to see what all I can do for them.
Taking a break is hard, but I do need some time to build up stock of crafts and get my paperwork organized for shows. Mainly getting together some "hostess packs" and "new sign up" packs. Maybe I can get some recruits from the shows! I'd like my hubby to make me a display board. He can cut the one large one in half and add some sort of strip of wood so I can attach it to the table with clamps. I'll also be taking milk crates (need more space on my tables) - unless I can get a good deal on a plastic shelf unit. Then I could show off more product when shows are a bit costly and I can only afford one table.
I see a Vista Print order in my future! I'm out of some cards, and thinking I could use a banner or 2 for my shows. I'll have to see what kind of special they're having so I can take full advantage of a stamper, labels, cards, postcards, etc.
That's all for now. Just wanted to update quick while I had a moment - now my peace is being shattered, so I have to go beat some kids:)
Happy Thanksgiving!!