Friday, June 17, 2011

the weekend

I actually made it to Friday! Tomorrow the development is having a yard sale, wasn't going to put anything out, but now I'm thinking I just might! I can have my tables like for my shows (with all my business stuff, flyers, etc.) and a table with some kids clothes. Just quarter on the kids clothes, and I'll only put them out. I don't have much luck with yard sales - even when I have stuff at a quarter, someone wants them cheaper. Sorry, can't buy unstained clothes for under .25 anywhere!
Sunday I signed up for a vendor event. It's a little further than I'd like, but it's a playground fundraiser. That should mean lots of parents. Which, I hope, means I'll have some sales. Now I just have to get busy with my hair clips and headbands. There's still more I'd like to make, but we have no room to store it, little man would destroy anything in his way, and there's always that money issue. Just can't justify spending money on supplies right now.
I'm still listing on webstore, right now it's my clothes and some of my oldest's stuff. Hoping to get a bit more organized tonight, sort more littles stuff, and maybe start trying on all my stuff. I know I'll have more I can get rid of and whittle down the mountains of clothes in front of the tv in here.
Maybe after the yard sale here I can walk around and put flyers in doors and hand out the salon flyers. We'll have to see about the weather though. It seems to like to rain when I want to do something lately.
All right, better start on the littles pink persons clothes and then start on some of the hair clips.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Keeping Busy!

Found an event for Saturday. It's a doggie adoption event, and as long as we have good weather, we should get a good turnout. Hoping to be able to make a couple of puppy cakes for this - puppy wee pads, treats, toys, ribbons. Think they'd do well. I'll also do some diaper and towel cakes to show and have a sign that I do custom orders. Plus my animals, Uppercase, Greeting cakes. I think I'll do a couple more journal jars and some s'mores jars. Maybe a couple of seasoning mixes, too. I may have some pet treat in a jar recipes I can do. Hmmm. Going to have to look into that one. Not sure I have enough time to do some bath bombs and bath bomb cupcakes. I'd like to do a couple of pet beds, but will need to get fabric and a couple other things first. Lost my thought on what else wanted to do! lol Yep, if I don't do a list, I totally lose what I wanted to do!
Jim's been busy on the weekends, and needs my truck. I'm just doing some last minute bookings for shows since I don't know when he'll need to use my truck and when I can get to a show. No problem since I don't make much right now at the shows. I can use the time to list on webstore and make some stuff for upcoming shows. I know one of the good ones is coming up in August, plus I got info on some car shows where I'd like to set up. Just have to keep football in mind when I book shows! It's not only the games, we have other events like feeding them before games, making sandwiches for them for game days and other things we do for the boys. I'm going to try to do all I can since it'll be his last year (*sniff, sniff...SOB*). I think after the holidays, instead of booking like mad for spring, I'll take time to do some consignment and online sales. The spring shows just haven't been profitable for me (or most people I've been talking to). Plus I'll be in the final countdown for moving, so I'll be doing the last bits of decluttering and packing things and all that goes with a distance move.
I'm trying to keep up on my facebook page (ShelszooSuperstores), and have 150 fans so far. Will have to look into doing a give away soon! Maybe a Greeting Cake for this one. Don't have many things from UL I could use since I've been doing quite a few events that want donations of what I sell. The last raffle blitz rally wiped out my supply of expressions. Hoping to add to them this month with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal. Add a couple of display items and get stuff I can use for the raffle blitzes.