Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy days

First picture is a peek at the 12 different expressions you can get with any $50 order until the 15th. There are many different ways to use them, these just show a few of the ways some of the demonstrators used them.
Second is a picture of an embellishment UL does for breast cancer. Just message me if you want more info on this one!

My favorite embellishment is the Dandelion dance. You can get it to look like a "shadow" on your wall or do it in a contrasting color. Any way you choose, you'll get lots of compliments over your choice!

Last is just showing how the dandelion dance can transform your space.
You still have time to earn an extra free expression! You can message me on here or email me and let me know! Or just go to my website, register and order. Put it under the open house in my name (says ends 2/28, but it's still open). and you can browse our catalogs and think up ways to transform your space!

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