Sunday, January 2, 2011


A new year has begun and I don't think I'm ready! lol I did spend some time finding some shows to do this year, and I'm trying to find a space to host my own show next month. I was going to try for this month - so we could get orders for Valentine's, but that's not going to happen. I'll start looking through all my supplies, see what I need to order, get all the applications printed and mailed with payments (Yikes! Need some money for that!!), and get another Vista Print order made for some new cards and such. I'd also like to work on some business letters for Uppercase Living and Noah's Ark. Maybe get more information on the Time4Food Supply - it's where you can order food for camping or emergency supplies. I'd like to get a letter made to send out to emergency service places like the Red Cross.
We have a great new sale with Uppercase Living! Buy 2, get 1 FREE - anything in our catalog! Including Photo prints, and accessories! I'm hoping for some money so I can order some new displays and supplies (goodies to give when someone books a show or gives me an order). With a bunch of shows coming up, I know I get more people interested when I have some goodies on hand to either sell or hand out. With UL, it'll be flyers, brochures, my goodie bags with card, instructions, candy and sample word. With Noah's Ark, I'll need to get some animals and the $5 gift cards. Would be nice to have some outfits to show (or sell!), but that depends on the finances. I'd like to get some of the Bella Beads also, but not sure if we can swing that. I do have one, but would like to be able to show the different kinds we carry. Guess I better sell a bunch at these shows so I can do some ordering! I'll make up some gifts in a jar closer to show dates, including the rubs and drink mixes. I'm also looking for the stuff to make the treasure jars (jar filled with sand with trinkets hidden with a list of riddles or whats' inside). I know I need to print more journal jars, and do more of my printing for the popcorn and tea bags. I have some templates and need to see what I can make myself or get my oldest to help me. I'll be printing the Greeting Cake labels so people can see all the holiday options we have (as of now) and what all we carry as our brochure doesn't show the boxes and mugs. I should look into upgrading my printer. Maybe go back to a laser printer since the cartridges are cheaper and no smudging.
Well, I'm going to stop so I can get ready for school to start tomorrow and start my phone calls about spaces to rent and shows to apply for.

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