Friday, June 17, 2011

the weekend

I actually made it to Friday! Tomorrow the development is having a yard sale, wasn't going to put anything out, but now I'm thinking I just might! I can have my tables like for my shows (with all my business stuff, flyers, etc.) and a table with some kids clothes. Just quarter on the kids clothes, and I'll only put them out. I don't have much luck with yard sales - even when I have stuff at a quarter, someone wants them cheaper. Sorry, can't buy unstained clothes for under .25 anywhere!
Sunday I signed up for a vendor event. It's a little further than I'd like, but it's a playground fundraiser. That should mean lots of parents. Which, I hope, means I'll have some sales. Now I just have to get busy with my hair clips and headbands. There's still more I'd like to make, but we have no room to store it, little man would destroy anything in his way, and there's always that money issue. Just can't justify spending money on supplies right now.
I'm still listing on webstore, right now it's my clothes and some of my oldest's stuff. Hoping to get a bit more organized tonight, sort more littles stuff, and maybe start trying on all my stuff. I know I'll have more I can get rid of and whittle down the mountains of clothes in front of the tv in here.
Maybe after the yard sale here I can walk around and put flyers in doors and hand out the salon flyers. We'll have to see about the weather though. It seems to like to rain when I want to do something lately.
All right, better start on the littles pink persons clothes and then start on some of the hair clips.

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