Sunday, March 6, 2011


I promise to get better at this! lol I did something to my main google page and I had a heck of a time finding how to post another one today.
Things are getting busy for me! I have a show Saturday (last minute add) for a Relay for Life fundraiser. I'll call tomorrow about a show Sunday. Then the next weekend I know I have Saturday booked, not sure on Sunday. I do know the last weekend I'm booked both days. Hubby is going to build me a display piece so I can hang some of my stuff to free up some table space. Since I'm doing indoor shows for at least 2 months, they can attach to the table. I'll deal with outdoor displays later!
I built up my Noah's Ark supplies. There were a couple of girls who were moving on and I bought stock from them. Now I have a bunch of animals that I can sell at my shows. I also have some shirts, outfits and Bella Bee items. I'd like to get some Bella Beads for Lexi to show (she's taking over there! lol). I signed up for bamboopink and Lexi wanted to do the beads, so I'm already signed on (part of Noah's Ark), and they don't let kids join, we'll just keep it in my name for now. *grin*
I'm hoping to print out some more labels so I can do up my new mini catty's for UL and get them out. Leave them all over, walk a couple of the neighborhoods and leave them on the mailboxes (under the flag) or at the doors. Just need my hip to feel better. Did a bit too much walking yesterday and my hip is letting me know it wasn't a smart move.
There are a few craft only shows coming up, so you know I'll be busy making stock for them! Should actually start this week with the bath stuff. Just need to figure out where i can store it all. I completely filled my business closet, have stuff in the hall closet and stuff over by the sofa. *sigh* Going to have to completely empty the business closet and get it all organized! That's a full days work right there.
I do have a fan page over on facebook, if people want to see what all is going on. I have all my events listed and some pics of different UL orders. Still having the FREE expression with every $50 order, up to 3 free per order (this is on top of the regular free goodies you get for ordering!). Find me at Shelszoo Superstores!

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