Friday, February 12, 2010

The weekend

The weekend is almost here! Not quite sure why I'm happy for the weekend, it just means my dh will be home (which I like), but, I still have a list to work through. I am working on a few specials to put on here. I can tell you Noah's Ark is having a special. Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and the Dinos are on sale! Bella Beads is about to launch (similar to Pandora beads, but you won't have to get a loan to outfit your bracelet).
I'm working on business letters with a page of expressions to send out. I'm looking to get some businesses interested in Uppercase Living. Decorate the walls, plus we have expressions they can use for sales, greeting and more.
Still trying to get a bit more organized here. *sigh* Not sure I'm going to get there, but I'm striving for a bit of an easier time when I go to look for something. Lots going on here with schooling (where we are more or less organized) and renovations. Not to mention 17.1" of snow! More on the way - yeah!!
Starting March 1, you'll be able to buy Uppercase Living from my website! I'm really looking forward to that since I have people that aren't local that would like to buy from me. Go check out my site and see what we have to offer. I *love* this product! It's not just for walls. I did some glass blocks and put lights in them. Instant night light. Put it on a board, and a holiday expression can be used for years to come. Picture frames, buckets, pools, decks, rocks (put a monogram on a rock), tablecloths (don't pull the fabric), and more! You're really only limited by your imagination!

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