Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ideas for another kitchen backsplash.

Different holiday board ideas.

For your bathroom

Redoing your kitchen? Great idea for your backsplash.

I finally was able to get into my gmail tonight. For some reason I cannot get into my gmail without it freezing or kicking me offline. *sigh* So, I managed to get into a couple of emails I needed for bingo's coming up that I'm giving a donation. One is for a little boy with Stoneman's Disease (where his body is turning into "stone" - I believe it's the connective tissue that's affected). The second is for Parks and Recreation in a neighboring Borough. I need to really figure out what all to donate. I have 4 businesses I can donate from, but I do know I'd need to do a couple of small orders. I'll see what I have on hand before I order anything!
While in my gmail I managed to get the phone number of a lady that wants a Noah's Ark party. Let's hope she still wants it - her number has been held hostage by my email:( The company called me tonight about giving out my phone number, and I told them to just give my other email. I don't feel comfortable giving out my home phone, especially since my kids have been really rammy lately (running and carrying on like wild animals for the most part).
Since it started snowing tonight I guess tomorrow will mainly be spent indoors. I can't burn since most of the wood will be wet from the snow, so that leaves my major list of things to get done inside. If I get bored or overwhelmed, I can always look for things to do on vacation. Places to stay (not sure where to stay yet, but we get a condo since we're a family of 8), a couple of things to do (mainly just going to enjoy the beach), and look for coupons for food/ things to do.
Going to add more pictures to show off our products. Enjoy:)

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