Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still listing

So far I have 34 listings on Not bad! For whatever reason I can't get my pictures to load for my auctions, but I'm mainly listing curriculum books right now. I'll contact them tomorrow and see if we can figure out why my pictures aren't showing up on my auctions. I listed a few bras (and have a TON of clothes to list), and I'd like the pictures for them.
Waiting on March 1st!! That's when Uppercase Living will accept credit card orders from the demonstrator sites! I'm hoping to get a few orders from that. Not everyone can have a party, or they just want something for themselves, or they live out of state. Now they can order from me and I get the credit!! Woohoo! If Greeting Cake Co. would let us have a free link like most other places I'd be in really good shape with my businesses! Get them all linked up here and just do Vista Print goodies with this info and my email. I should look into getting a cell phone this weekend. My oldest ds and I both need them. Mine would be for business and emergency use (when I'm out without kids and they need me for whatever reason). My ds needs his to call for rides - but, then again, we don't have a working vehicle right now!
Okay. I've had my break. I'm going back to listing some more. Please stop by and check it out. It's totally FREE to sell there!

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