Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow storm on the way!!

This is actually the same storm that hit us the other day (or, did it miss us the other day? lol), and it's coming back for round 2, but it's bringing attitude this time! That's ok, I just have to get diapers (oh yeah, I have to walk since my car needs inspection, and dh has to work). The rest of the day I plan to clean and get my copy order in. Get all of my business letters done, coloring contest pages done (I'll even put them in doors of the neighbor houses with kids), and do a new Vista Print order. I can use my blog address for my new cards instead of having different cards for 4 different things. Plus I can add my webstore on there! I'll have to figure out what I want on the post cards. Maybe about fundraising, or get a special gift for having a certain $$ order. I have to check the UL blog, but it looks like a buy 2 get 1 free deal going on! Plus Monday starts credit card orders on my site!! Woohoo!!! People will be able to check out the online catalog and goodies online and shop whenever they feel like. With the weather we've been having, that should be a good thing!
Noah's Ark is coming out with a new animal June 1st. A cute blue hippo. I think it would be great for baby boys! The Bella Beads should be live soon also. They're like the Pandora beads, but more affordable. Beads starting at $15. I have pictures posted on here with the beads we have available. No new news on the Bella Bee, but they are supposed to do away with some of their flavors and stick with one. I'd like to see 2, if only for a choice.
I need to find a way to make up a flyer for Greeting Cake Co. I'd love to make one highlighting the study boxes as I'm surrounded by colleges! Just need a working car and I could go post flyers on their bulletin boards. Not sure how to get a flyer in with their welcome pack (for incoming students), but that would be great! Nothing perishable, and the cakes are microwavable.
I need to get some sleep. I'll post some new pictures tomorrow along with my auctions update. I opened a store on webstore just to keep my postings in one place. Here's to hoping I get some sales!

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