Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy weekend!

I need a few extra hours - anyone have any to spare? Tomorrow, while ds has his football meeting, I'll be making PB&J's for the team (before game snack). Then home for schooling, cleaning, wash, GAME!!!! Home to pack the truck and get ready for a church show tomorrow. I should be able to get in a nap after that one. Sunday is a longer show (car show), so I'm not hopeful on the nap. *sigh* I'll be checking displays, seeing about building one to hang stuff and one to display the photo print I have. Maybe add some of the chalk wall I have - flowers - just to show how cute it is! I'll hand out a fundraiser flyer at the game - cheerleaders get no school money, they have to fundraise all their needs. I'll also look into other flyers to have for the shows. I know I'm going to make some up to hand out at different businesses. Hand them out in person if I can (I did a mailing and I got a bunch returned!). Not sure where I can get "good" addresses, since I used online and the new phone book last time.
I'm hoping to blog more soon, but I'm not sure where I'll get the time! Ds should be finalized with his school soon (waiting on paperwork), once I get the meeting set up dd (2nd grade) will start. I already have a 3rd grader (with 4th grade math) and a K doing school. Little guy getting into stuff and the 18 yo doing nothing. She needs a job. Even just part time. She needs out of my hair if she's not going to help. I have enough stress right now and really don't need more!
Good night all! Hope to see you this weekend! ~ BTW- it's now 99 days until Christmas! (12:02 am here)

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