Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time to get busy!

I managed to do a vendor show with Lexi (9) helping. I figured out how to do my tables for next show so it looks better. I also found more of my stuff so I can make a couple other displays. Working on getting some more supplies for shows coming up. Some displays for Uppercase Living, catalogs, cards, gift certificates, etc. For Noah's Ark, I need more animals, a holder, and the cards and such. With the shows coming up, I can sell the animals there, while UL is more personal, so I'll be able to take orders or direct them to my site to place their orders.
I am running 2 fundraisers! One is for a couple adopting 2 Down Syndrome girls from overseas (I forget the country), and the other is for a friend's daughter who was chosen to do a Student Ambassador trip to Europe. This is the second year she was asked, and the mom didn't know the different ways to get sponsors or do fundraising. So far I had one order on UL for the adoption fundraiser. Hoping for more so they can make money! I make nothing from them - I donate all my earnings to them.
Trying to get organized with my businesses. Joined a group to help and I'm hoping to get some business out of this. Maybe once I do up the package deal flyers and get some catalogs, I'll go around to different businesses to see if there's any interest. I'd love for the UL to really take off, but I'm realistic, and am just hoping for a few orders! lol One of my goals this week is to do a facebook page for my businesses. See if i can drum up any interest with that. I know some others have gotten lucky and use facebook for specials. Time will tell! Things are getting crazy here with schooling and football, so I need to keep my planner up to date. Lots of dinners, games and classes. This year I'll also have 2 testing. *sigh*
I'm also trying to declutter so I can set up a dedicated desk space for my businesses. I use my laptop mainly, but I'd like to have desk space for paperwork and such. I'll have totes of different sizes for supplies to take to shows, but I'd like someplace to store it so I can keep track of what I have and what I need.
I'll try to get some new pics up on here this week. Got some great holiday stuff out - would make great gifts! You have until the 9th for 15% off orders of $40 or more!! After that we start a "double up" special. That's where you have a party (and it can be totally online), and you get bumped up a level of free/ half off goodies! Great way to decorate your home! I can't wait to be able to put what I have up in my home, but we're still dealing with an estate, and until things are final, I'm not doing any decorating - or fixing up, etc.
Time to start getting ready for tomorrow! Have a great week everyone!!

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