Monday, October 4, 2010

Ahhh, rainy Mondays

After a busy, full weekend I expected to unpack the truck and sort my displays and supplies before Saturdays show. Rain stopped that. Then my dh was rearended on his way home. *sigh* Luckily he wasn't hurt, but his truck was. So, while he's busy at work with ds and a coworker switching trucks I'm here with the littles doing school and looking for crafts I can do. While I'm doing alot of vendor shows, there are a few that only want handmade crafts. If I can get enough made, I'll do a few and have some flyers and such out for my other stuff.
Saturday's show I'd have to say was a bust. Even my dd (my main helper) agrees. Weather was ok (but windy), it was mainly the location. No real parking available, and not a good venue. Know for next year! Sunday's car show, on the other hand, was a good day. Very cold in the morning, but it did warm up a bit, but the wind was still kicking. Good crowds all day! I know what to have on hand for next year and did make notes. I did hear Saturdays show wasn't good in the past. *sigh* Hoping things have changed! Making more journal jars (sold 4 Sunday and I got them out late due to having to cut out all the prompts after we got there and set up). I'll have to redo my list of what I need to pack. Dh needs to check my shoe holder I use for the animals (it's wobbly) and I'll sort through all the boxes and bags we have packed. I can make some signs and redo some displays. This one is indoors, so I'll have to reconfigure a new display for everything. Make up some of the trifolds - since they won't be blowing away now!
Still looking to book shows in November and December. May have a lead on one for the end of October. We do have a football game that night, but the show should end around 3 and the game is at 7. I'll try to get info tomorrow and see what all is involved. If I can get enough crafts made and if I can put out my business stuff, maybe. Cost and space size is also an issue. I know they have a decent turnout since it's at the community college by us. They always get a good crowd.
I love my helper! She chose Applebee's for supper Sunday - my treat for all her hard work. I think all the littles will get Applebee's on the 31st since they eat free (off the kids menu) with an adult menu purchase. We'll see if the teens get to go or if they'll be with friends.
I still have a bunch of surveys I have to do - trying to make some money while at home with the kids. I did think about a night shift job, but then tried to think of when I'd get to sleep when I have 4 doing school, plus everything else going on here. I'll be posting more work at home ideas on my other blog soon. Not sure if I'll get to it this week or not. Still have alot to do getting ready for a show. I think I'll leave Sunday open so I can get stuff done around here. I've been doing too many shows that require long drives. Need to find more local ones. Hoping the churches start having their bazaars and craft shows soon!
Ok, stopping here so I can do my surveys before heading to bed.

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