Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy week!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Didn't have time to make any calls this week (for football or business), so tomorrow will be some business calls for shows. I'll just make an extra pasta dish and grab the salad stuff.
The shows I'll be calling about are Saturday and Sunday! Add in a night game Saturday and I'll need Monday to recover! lol I need to get my organizing binder set up so I can make sure what dates I have open for home parties and other shows. I'll be making up some flyers of "package deals" to show how to use our accessories with the expressions. Now to figure out all the places I need to target - like doctor offices, dentists, schools, libraries (although with all our budget cuts, unlikely customers), salons, etc.
I'm hoping for some more church shows. They're usually guaranteed a good turn out since the parishoners stop by. I do need to redesign my tables though. Add some covered boxes and definitely have to stop by the dollar store for table cloths. I'd like to get pictures of my displays too. Then I can take a look later to see if things need moved or changed.
Really wish I could do a show here, but not going to happen. I'll just have to sign up for all the vendor shows I can find right now. I'll need to get an order in for catalogs and a Vista Print order for my supplies. I can do a quick print of some cards for this weekend, plus I do have trifolds I can give out.
Here's hoping for a great weekend! My to do list for the rest of the week is packed, but will be worth it once orders start to pour in!

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