Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have 2 more shows this weekend! Yeah me!! One is a church show, the other is a car show. I'd like to get some displays made - not actual product, but something to show my photo print and hang some displays. Maybe I can talk dh into a Lowe's trip after Chik Fil A tonight (fundraiser for football). Just something quick that we can throw together and is easy to transport since it's just me and the 9 yo at the shows.
Things have been so busy my house is starting to look seriously neglected. Yikes!! It wasn't organized to begin with, and it's looking worse than ever now. *sigh* Going to need to take an hour or so and start the was cycle back up, fold wash and sort through my ever growing pile of papers.
Maybe if I get busy I can have some of the crafts I've been wanting to sell ready for this weekend. Nothing to ambitious! I'm schooling 2 kids, waiting on final confirmation on one, and waiting on the replacement (2nd) birth certificate on another. I *need* to get this stuff done now before schooling all 4 on a daily basis starts. Then I'll really have no time to do much!
Looking at my calendar, I'm thinking I'm not going to sign up for anymore shows unless they're *very* local. I'm pretty much booked until regular season ends, and I need to get stuff done here in that time. Not like I sleep alot, but I can't do much at night when everyone is sleeping. I'm exhausted, but there's too much to get done for a nap. Maybe before Saturday so I'm not yawning all day at the show. That doesn't make a very good impression!
Anyone know where the blue file box went? I used it for shows earlier in the year and it went missing. It has some paperwork and supplies I could really use for these shows! ARGH!! I definitely need to declutter and get organized. Can't have my stuff go missing when I'm trying to make some money!
My next night off? Tuesday. GEEZ!! Tonight is the fundraiser, tomorrow is the booster meeting, Friday is game day, Saturday and Sunday are shows and Monday is the freshmen/JV game. Better do a meal plan for those days. Have some stuff we can do in the crock pot - best bet!
Ok, going to finish school with one so I can start with another before getting the football player and hitting the restaurant.

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