Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New jobs

While I was researching the adult direct sales companies, my friend posted her sign on deal with her company. I knew it was a great deal and knew I'd have an awesome upline, so I am now a Passion Parties Diva! I have my kit and an extra order in my truck, waiting for when I can sort it out. I just did another order with goodies for people who have parties for me to get me started. If you want to be that person, just message me here!
I also got on the waiting list for Origami Owl. Turns out the list wasn't long and I get to sign up starting today!! So excited! While I was going to do the smaller kit, I think I'll splurge and do the larger one. I'll call about Market Days here, and setting up with direct sales. I shouldn't need the business license then. See how many people I can get to book parties, and hand out catalogs to while I'm there.
My link is http://shelsotoys.yourpassionconsultant.com for Passion Parties. No link for O2 yet. Either tonight or tomorrow I should have that link.
Time to start doing my reading!

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