Monday, October 18, 2010

2 weeks already?!

I've been busy with shows, finding shows, and getting ready for shows, I've neglected my blog! Not that my shows have been "good" for me, but I am talking to other vendors and getting ideas on where to try next. This weekend is Bingo weekend for me. Not too sure if Saturday is still on or what's going on, but I'm getting my prizes, tricky tray items and unsold bingo tickets to hand in tomorrow. I'll have to refigure my displays again since it'll be a smaller space and only for Uppercase Living and Noah's Ark - I will have my paperwork for Bella Beads925 there, and maybe I'll do flyers or 4 to a page flyers about what all I sell and my blogs. *grin* Since I'm still finding shows, I can't put them down. I don't have too much in my book from here on out. In fact, this weekend might be booked, but then I'm pretty much open. I better get busy with calls this week! I'll also get busy making some goodies to sell when I do the craft shows that allow handmade items only.
I have been listing on ebay the past couple of days. I'm hoping to keep up the momentum and add stuff all week. So far it's just been books I was given that we have no use for - and there's no room for more books! There will also be books and other stuff I find lying around the house. If the littles aren't behaving better soon, there may be one or two up for auction soon! I've been watching way too many Hoarders shows and have the need to purge. Since I can't just toss stuff (we need the money), I can list them for auction since ebay is letting me do 100 with free insertions. Just pay when they sell. I can also list on webstore for free (no fees at all), just less of an audience. I'm pacybermom24 on ebay.
I hope to post some pics from shows I've done to let people see my displays. I've changed them a bit here and there. Mainly since I went from outdoors to indoors. Some outdoor shows I had to improvise since the weather wasn't ideal - windy- but I was able to hand out flyers and get people to show interest. Let's hope they follow through and stop by my site and order!

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