Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I was going to start posting about each of my direct sales that I do with links and pictures plus incentives going on right now. I decided to start with Lindt, and when I couldn't get into the back office for pictures and updates I emailed. Even though I got the new catalogs, I'm no longer active. To get active again all I would need to do is pay the yearly fee of $99. Umm, no thank you. I can sign up for numerous other companies and get a kit for the same price! Since I know I was dropped from The Greeting Cake Co. right now I only do Uppercase Living, it works! and Noah's Ark/ Bella Beads925. I am looking into a new jewelry company along with a food company. I like to diversify and this area doesn't seem to have a lot of reps for most companies. Last night I spent time working on my emails. Trying to clear out the out of date surveys and contests. I really fell behind when we were without internet for that week!Should be caught up soon so I can share my links for survey sites where you actually make money/points to cash in for prizes. The south Texas area is ready for a craft mall. There's a small shop in a small town outside of Corpus, and I think we need another one on this side! I'm looking into spaces (one is for sale, one is a rental), but money is an issue. I'd like to start out as a resale and craft boutique, eventually going to a craft boutique. Has anyone ever set up in a craft mall? What did you like about it? Are you still there? What do you not like about it?

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