Friday, December 21, 2012

Mayan Apocalypse

I guess it's a good thing I didn't do a "World is ending clearance sale" for today! lol Late afternoon here in TX, and nothing. Well, a bit chilly, but it's to warm up this week.
We're still in the RV, so no crafting or getting my stuff organized. I do hope to talk the hubs into making some stuff to sell. I'd like to go look at the local craft malls here to get info and see what they carry and how they look.I still need a business license to sell here, but am waiting on a more permanent address. Not sure yet how it all works since I didn't get to read the packet I received, but I'm hoping I can do some baked goods as well.
I'll be starting a blog over on wordpress in the next few days - if I can figure it out! That one will be geared towards crafting and homeschooling with some cooking/baking thrown in. We'll see if I can do pictures since I can't get much done in the tin can here.
Going to take a few days off, try to get a place to live, set up the blog, and get somewhat organized. I'm looking forward to bringing in some income again. Granted, it wasn't like a regular check, or even alot of money, but it was something. I've really missed doing craft shows while down here. Once things get settled I plan to look for places to set up, and possibly organize a few of my own. Depending on the cost, I'd also like to set up in a few shops. The one shop we checked out is cute, but doesn't get much traffic, and is a half hour or so drive. Not sure it'll be worth setting up anything there.
Happy holidays all and hope to see you back here soon!

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