Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm here!

Really, I am! I didn't forget about this blog!! Things have just been super crazy lately, plus my laptop is waiting for a new power cord (to do tomorrow, call Best Buy since I went in 5/31!).
The new Uppercase Living catalog starts on July 20th! So many new and exciting things coming! New colors, new accessories, new expressions. You can order directly from my site, so you don't have to live locally, or take the time for a party, you can do a single order.
The main change right now is I have to re-sign up for Enchanted Potions. Also the Bella Beads925 site isn't mine, but you can see what we have and let me know and I can do the order for you! If I sell enough beads I may decide to get the site, but can't justify the expense right now.
I'm available for fundraising. I can do a fundraiser with everything I sell. Just contact me and we can work something out. We can do UL with certain expressions, a UL party, the UL fundraiser they have set up (sports embellishments), or something else. With Noah's Ark, you can do gift certificates, or sell certain animals. Greeting Cake has a fundraiser set up (cakes), but with kids going off to college, you may decide to sell the study boxes. Bella Beads925, you have your choice of beads to sell or have a party. Then EP, you can sell anything for the fundraiser. There's lotions, soaps, air fresheners, and more!

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