Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I was going to start posting about each of my direct sales that I do with links and pictures plus incentives going on right now. I decided to start with Lindt, and when I couldn't get into the back office for pictures and updates I emailed. Even though I got the new catalogs, I'm no longer active. To get active again all I would need to do is pay the yearly fee of $99. Umm, no thank you. I can sign up for numerous other companies and get a kit for the same price! Since I know I was dropped from The Greeting Cake Co. right now I only do Uppercase Living, it works! and Noah's Ark/ Bella Beads925. I am looking into a new jewelry company along with a food company. I like to diversify and this area doesn't seem to have a lot of reps for most companies. Last night I spent time working on my emails. Trying to clear out the out of date surveys and contests. I really fell behind when we were without internet for that week!Should be caught up soon so I can share my links for survey sites where you actually make money/points to cash in for prizes. The south Texas area is ready for a craft mall. There's a small shop in a small town outside of Corpus, and I think we need another one on this side! I'm looking into spaces (one is for sale, one is a rental), but money is an issue. I'd like to start out as a resale and craft boutique, eventually going to a craft boutique. Has anyone ever set up in a craft mall? What did you like about it? Are you still there? What do you not like about it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My sites

I do a few different direct sales, and since our move I haven't been able to really do much with them. I now have a phone with a "local" number, but all of my supplies are in storage. I do have my facebook page - which needs updating as usual!- but I'd like to do a mailing campaign soon. While I'm here, I want to share my sites with you. Hoping to verify others shortly. I know I'd like to start with Damsel in Defense, but would need a space to store the tasers and other items from the kit.
 Lindt, Noah's Ark, Uppercaseliving, It works!
Please let me know if you have any problems with the links. I'm hoping to add something with my crafts, besides my facebook page.
Anyone working on something? I'm hoping to work on some ribbon crafts soon. Depends on if we get to move soon. I keep pinning ideas, but don't take the time to actually go back to see what I have pinned! Is it cold where you are? Always good for crafting! You want to stay indoors, and anything to avoid cleaning! lol