Monday, August 29, 2011

after the storm

We survived Irene and even kept our power. I did manage to finish another headband and cut ribbons to do more. Now I need a chunk of time where I can sit down and do nothing but craft! I have some shows coming up and I'd like to have some more stock made to sell.
I managed to get my helper interested in crafting and she'll be making some stuff to sell, along with a couple of things we have for her to sell - bracelets and beads. We're keeping our eyes out for other goodies she can make to sell too. I'm always on the lookout for stuff I can make to sell - just need the money for supplies and a space to store everything! lol
So far I don't have a busy fall/ holiday show season planned, but I'm hoping to add shows as the time gets closer. I have to be a little more choosy on shows due to the financial aspects. Last year was to get my name out, now I'm looking for more sales.
I'm planning to look into a spot in a craft mall and consignment stores. Just have to get some stock built up and the time to actually go and talk to the people in charge.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope to have pictures soon of more stuff I do and stuff my helper makes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Starting the season

This is usually my busy time with shows, but I'm going to be taking it a bit easy this year. I'm going to look into some consignment stores and picking my shows carefully. With a move planned, I'll also be spending alot of time selling stuff online. Looking to get a night job as well. That will cut into my crafting time, but it's just something I have to do right now. My newest venture (see pic above) doesn't actually take me too long to do. I just have to slow down and make sure I keep the ribbons tight or I end up undoing all the work - which isn't too bad unless I'm almost done! I plan to spend more time making these headbands so I have some stock for upcoming shows. I do have some other things I'm making and selling, plus stuff my oldest little will be doing. We have a huge show coming up and I'm hoping we do well. At least to make it worth getting up and driving there. I'll be spending the day with 2 of my favorite vendors, so that's always a plus!
Going to go work on headbands while it's quiet - at least until a cat comes to attack the ribbons!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August- impossible!

Here it is August and I don't have my calendar filled for fall. I'm seriously slacking! I think I was underwhelmed at the spring shows and I'm looking to be a little more selective on the fall shows. Make sure they have a decent following before I sign on.
I put in my Uppercase order for new catalogs, Blume catalogs (new line of jewelry), and a few other things that I hope help me get more orders. I'll wait to order a bunch more animals and some outfits. Also did an order for some girly stuff to sell at shows. They go well with the towel ad diaper cakes. Been working more on the headbands. Managed to do a thinner one last nght at football. Didn't take me long at all. Just can't work too far ahead without clipping or I get confused. We all know it doesn't take much to confuse me! lol I'll expand that line once I get organized here with listing clothes and stuff for sale. I have to get busy with that since school starts soon and I'll have 4 doing school plus the little guy trying to do some school stuff like the older ones. Add in football, driving another to/from work, cleaning, crafting and I may not have time to sleep! Still figuring out adding in a night job. Looking to catch up on all my click to earns and surveys, then maybe add in something like a researching job since I spend hours on here daily now. Might as well make money from all the time I'm on here!
I'm looking to expand my line of what I sell. I did buy some stuff to sell that will be here next week. That means I *have* to book some shows! I also found a couple of things I'd like to make. My only issue is space and little man getting into my stuff. If I could figure out where to store my stuff safely, maybe then I could make up a bunch of stuff beforehand to sell. Like the cute candy bouquets and cakes I saw in a magazine. A few other things caught my eye, but the money issue is stopping me from making those right now. Maybe if I can get better at blogging I could get more followers and actually make a couple of bucks doing this. *grin* Not big bucks, but it could help me sell what I make too. Not sure I can make my blog pretty though. I'm not a real computer person.
Just got handed another basket to sort. Real life intrudes!