Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow storm on the way!!

This is actually the same storm that hit us the other day (or, did it miss us the other day? lol), and it's coming back for round 2, but it's bringing attitude this time! That's ok, I just have to get diapers (oh yeah, I have to walk since my car needs inspection, and dh has to work). The rest of the day I plan to clean and get my copy order in. Get all of my business letters done, coloring contest pages done (I'll even put them in doors of the neighbor houses with kids), and do a new Vista Print order. I can use my blog address for my new cards instead of having different cards for 4 different things. Plus I can add my webstore on there! I'll have to figure out what I want on the post cards. Maybe about fundraising, or get a special gift for having a certain $$ order. I have to check the UL blog, but it looks like a buy 2 get 1 free deal going on! Plus Monday starts credit card orders on my site!! Woohoo!!! People will be able to check out the online catalog and goodies online and shop whenever they feel like. With the weather we've been having, that should be a good thing!
Noah's Ark is coming out with a new animal June 1st. A cute blue hippo. I think it would be great for baby boys! The Bella Beads should be live soon also. They're like the Pandora beads, but more affordable. Beads starting at $15. I have pictures posted on here with the beads we have available. No new news on the Bella Bee, but they are supposed to do away with some of their flavors and stick with one. I'd like to see 2, if only for a choice.
I need to find a way to make up a flyer for Greeting Cake Co. I'd love to make one highlighting the study boxes as I'm surrounded by colleges! Just need a working car and I could go post flyers on their bulletin boards. Not sure how to get a flyer in with their welcome pack (for incoming students), but that would be great! Nothing perishable, and the cakes are microwavable.
I need to get some sleep. I'll post some new pictures tomorrow along with my auctions update. I opened a store on webstore just to keep my postings in one place. Here's to hoping I get some sales!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still listing

So far I have 34 listings on Not bad! For whatever reason I can't get my pictures to load for my auctions, but I'm mainly listing curriculum books right now. I'll contact them tomorrow and see if we can figure out why my pictures aren't showing up on my auctions. I listed a few bras (and have a TON of clothes to list), and I'd like the pictures for them.
Waiting on March 1st!! That's when Uppercase Living will accept credit card orders from the demonstrator sites! I'm hoping to get a few orders from that. Not everyone can have a party, or they just want something for themselves, or they live out of state. Now they can order from me and I get the credit!! Woohoo! If Greeting Cake Co. would let us have a free link like most other places I'd be in really good shape with my businesses! Get them all linked up here and just do Vista Print goodies with this info and my email. I should look into getting a cell phone this weekend. My oldest ds and I both need them. Mine would be for business and emergency use (when I'm out without kids and they need me for whatever reason). My ds needs his to call for rides - but, then again, we don't have a working vehicle right now!
Okay. I've had my break. I'm going back to listing some more. Please stop by and check it out. It's totally FREE to sell there!

I'll be posting a *lot* for sale over there in the next few days. We have to come up with a large sum of money, and while my sales won't touch that amount, it will help declutter the place. If you feel led, I'm shelszoo over there. I could also use your prayers while we go through this.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The weekend

The weekend is almost here! Not quite sure why I'm happy for the weekend, it just means my dh will be home (which I like), but, I still have a list to work through. I am working on a few specials to put on here. I can tell you Noah's Ark is having a special. Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and the Dinos are on sale! Bella Beads is about to launch (similar to Pandora beads, but you won't have to get a loan to outfit your bracelet).
I'm working on business letters with a page of expressions to send out. I'm looking to get some businesses interested in Uppercase Living. Decorate the walls, plus we have expressions they can use for sales, greeting and more.
Still trying to get a bit more organized here. *sigh* Not sure I'm going to get there, but I'm striving for a bit of an easier time when I go to look for something. Lots going on here with schooling (where we are more or less organized) and renovations. Not to mention 17.1" of snow! More on the way - yeah!!
Starting March 1, you'll be able to buy Uppercase Living from my website! I'm really looking forward to that since I have people that aren't local that would like to buy from me. Go check out my site and see what we have to offer. I *love* this product! It's not just for walls. I did some glass blocks and put lights in them. Instant night light. Put it on a board, and a holiday expression can be used for years to come. Picture frames, buckets, pools, decks, rocks (put a monogram on a rock), tablecloths (don't pull the fabric), and more! You're really only limited by your imagination!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bella Beads

Now showing our online catalog of Bella Beads. Similar to the Pandora beads, ours are more budget friendly and still gorgeous. If you have a Pandora bracelet, our beads will fit. You can sign up to sell just the Bella Beads (without selling the Noah's Ark or Bella Bee) if you chose. Don't have the money up front? I will send you the paperwork to have a catalog party and "sponsor" you to start your business. I just ask for 10% of the sales, the rest would go towards your kit! Not everyone offers this - and you must email me telling me you're interested. for anything business related please! Trying to keep organized with my emails - and hoping it spreads out into other parts of my life. Take some time and look at the beads. Imagine your bracelet. Make your wishlist. Enjoy your weekend!


I've been busy lately getting together some donations. I was contacted by a Park and Recreation Department for a donation for their bingo/ Chinese auction. I have someting from Greeting Cake Co. and Uppercase Living ready, just need to figure out something from Noah's Ark. Maybe one of the Bella Beads of choice? Then I have another bingo donation coming up soon. The second one is for a little boy with Stoneman's Disease. That needs to be together by the beginning of March.
My gmail is till giving me fits. Guess I better let them know I keep freezing up/ getting kicked off when I try to read my mail. It's kept me from contacting some people about parties! I did make a new email tonight *just* for the businesses. Figured I should make it easy to remember for me!
Hope everyone is ready for the snow. I plan to hole up with my kids and work on some business letters and stuff. Try to get a jump start for when the warmer weather starts. Maybe do some patio parties! Show places Uppercase Living can be used outside the home.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ideas for another kitchen backsplash.

Different holiday board ideas.

For your bathroom

Redoing your kitchen? Great idea for your backsplash.

I finally was able to get into my gmail tonight. For some reason I cannot get into my gmail without it freezing or kicking me offline. *sigh* So, I managed to get into a couple of emails I needed for bingo's coming up that I'm giving a donation. One is for a little boy with Stoneman's Disease (where his body is turning into "stone" - I believe it's the connective tissue that's affected). The second is for Parks and Recreation in a neighboring Borough. I need to really figure out what all to donate. I have 4 businesses I can donate from, but I do know I'd need to do a couple of small orders. I'll see what I have on hand before I order anything!
While in my gmail I managed to get the phone number of a lady that wants a Noah's Ark party. Let's hope she still wants it - her number has been held hostage by my email:( The company called me tonight about giving out my phone number, and I told them to just give my other email. I don't feel comfortable giving out my home phone, especially since my kids have been really rammy lately (running and carrying on like wild animals for the most part).
Since it started snowing tonight I guess tomorrow will mainly be spent indoors. I can't burn since most of the wood will be wet from the snow, so that leaves my major list of things to get done inside. If I get bored or overwhelmed, I can always look for things to do on vacation. Places to stay (not sure where to stay yet, but we get a condo since we're a family of 8), a couple of things to do (mainly just going to enjoy the beach), and look for coupons for food/ things to do.
Going to add more pictures to show off our products. Enjoy:)

Monday, February 1, 2010

More pics for Uppercase Living

Nice for a classroom. Can leave off the pics for a regular classroom.

Can also be done in blue. Really cute for a baby's room

nice teacher gift

Nice name plaque

Nice for a new homeowner or newlywed couple.

Nice platter with the 4 basic food groups - according to women!

Welcome sign. Great for new home owners, gifts from realtors, or just a nice sign for your home.