Thursday, December 17, 2009

Uppercase Living sale!
Just go to this link to see our 40% off sale items! There's also free shipping until January 4th on orders over $50. No special code needed! This is a great way to get those expressions for a discounted price.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello there!

Hi everyone! I finally decided to it down and start a business blog. Since I signed on for 4 at home businesses, I thought this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on my specials. I don't have any shows booked right now and had to scrap my show for today because of weather. I do still have the Christmas animals for Noah's Ark (Ginger and Reindeer Bear) if anyone is interested. I'll be ordering for Uppercase Living soon - some items for spring displays and new catalogs. Spring is a great time to do some redecorating! *grin* I just filled out the paperwork for a website for Enchanted Potions, so I'll be able to give people discounts there as well. My last business is Greeting Cakes. I'll need to do an order for them to stay active as well. They have nice snack boxes for students, either at home or away at school.
Less than 2 weeks until Christmas. Still not ready here. I have to organize stuff so I can get the one corner cleared to put up a tree. We did get a flannel backed tablecloth at the dollar store to use as a tree skirt. I'll get a real one after Christmas when they're on sale.
I'll be spending some time later doing some printing. Mainly to have some things on hand, and I'll put in an order for copies at I've never ordered from them, but others in my line of work have, and they do really good work, quick shipping for great prices! They beat all the competitors in price for black and color copies - that I've seen so far.
The guys are redoing the bathroom floor (it had been a code violation for carpeting, and turned into a redo because tiles came up and subfloor just flaked away). This means I'm pretty limited on what I can do. The littles seem to be keeping quiet watching some DVD's - so glad we were able to get that tv in there for them! The rainy weather is draining away my energy, and I'm seriously considering a nap. Maybe then I'll get the energy to get work done!
I'm going to end here, and I'm hoping to blog at least 3 times a week with ideas and such for my businesses. If anyone is interested in Ginger or Reindeer Bear, just make a comment and I'll get back to you!